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Rx: Charm for Keeping Away Unwanted Sexual Advances


Color of the Day: White
Incense of the Day: Clove

Cut two circles of white cotton cloth (approximately 3-4 inches in diameter), and draw a pentagram on one before sewing them together right sides in, leaving a 2-inch opening in the seam for stuffing the charm. Turn and stuff the charm with equal parts of cinnamon, heather, mugwort, lavender, and echinachea, with a tiny “seed” crystal to amplify and enhance the energies, while chanting:

This is my sacred circle,
Inside it, I am safe.
The blue-white light surrounds me,
And power flows through my veins.

They shine within and through me–
East, south, west, north, all.
The Lord and the Lady protect me
from harm,
I reach toward their light when they
Bound by their light, it is I who decides
Who enters, who touches, who goes.

Wrap this charm in silk or a human-made fiber (to hold the vibrations in) until it’s time to use it.

Llewllyn’s Witches’ Almanac 2014, Thuri Calafia

Karma #WitchDoctor …in progress for the NotThatKindofGirl


Rx: Divination


Color of the Day: Topaz
Incense of the Day: Bay laurel

Wednesday is considered the day of the week for you to get in touch with your divination side. Weekly practice with your divination tool of choice is recommended.
My preferred method is tarot, but runes, stones, tea leaves, or palmistry are always good choices. So are dreams, be they sleeping dreams or meditation (waking) dreams.
A diary is a must to keep at hand, to write down your divination, its results, its perceived meanings, your emotional responses, or those little “pop-up” clues that come to you as you do your divination work. Later you can reread and add to the material–thoughts that occur to you after the fact, maybe something that struck you as strange or important, or something you forgot. You can also research what you found and see what other meanings may be there.

Llewellyn’s Witches’ Almanac 2014, Boudica

Karma #WitchDoctor …in progress for the NotThatKindofGirl


Rx: Celebrate the Earth


Earth Day – Passover Ends

Color of the Day: White
Incense of the Day: Ylang-ylang

On Earth Day, the possibilities for honoring thy mother are many. Partake in your community’s spring cleanup, or fashion a decoration made from recycled materials from your yard or garden. Research organic gardening, eating, and composting. Determine to make one change, no matter how small, in your consumption and/or disposal of precious resources. At the very least, offer up a small blessing or spell for the renewal of the earth.

May there be good health and healing
for this Earth,
May there be beauty above me,
May there be beauty below me,
May there be beauty in me,
May there be beauty all around me.
I ask that this world be filled with
Peace, Love, and Beauty.

(Earth Healing Ceremony, Medicine Grizzly Bear, Spokane, WA, 1990.)

Llewellyn’s Witches’ Almanac 2014, Emyme

Karma #WitchDoctor …in progress for the NotThatKindofGirl


Rx: A Polarity Spell


Color of the Day:  Silver

Incense of the Day:  Rosemary

Balance is what keeps the world in order.  Light and dark, day and night, hot and cold, wet and dry, male and female, positive and negative.  With too much of any one thing and not enough of the other, everything collapses and dies.  It is the cycle between extremes that makes life possible, too, as we move energy from one place to another.

 For this spell, you need a magnet with two distinct ends, ideally a rod or a horseshoe.  Suspend the magnet from a string and charge it with these words:

Sun and shadow,

Day and night,

Balance all with

Magic’s might.

What is low will

Rise up high;

Overflow will

Pass on by.

Whenever you need more of a given energy, tap the positive end of the magnet to raise it.  When you need to release something, tap the negative end to do that.

Llewllyn’s Witches’ Almanac 2014, Elizabeth Barrette

Compassion & Blessings,

Karma #WitchDoctor for the NotThatKindofGirl

Rx: Laugh it Up


Color of the Day: Crimson

Incense of the Day: Apricot

We know stress in one area of life has a way of creeping into other areas as well.  Sometimes we need to sit back and laugh it off.

This spell will get you laughing and relieve stress as well.  All you need is someplace where you can yell–preferably a place where you can yell without the neighbors hearing you.  Though they might get a laugh out of it, they may also think you’re nuts!

The words to this spell are simple.  Think of the most goofball things you can possibly think of and yell them.  They don’t have to make sense, in fact, the less sense they make, the better.  Just yell silly sounds, and if you want, actually imagine your neighbors overhearing you.  It’s hard to take yourself seriously when doing this, and it’s even more fun if you can get a friend to join in.

Llewellyn’s Witches’ Almanac 2014, Kerri Connor

female buddha laughCompassion & Blessings,

Karma #WitchDoctor for the NotThatKindofGirl