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#NOTthatkindofday: “Hocus Focus”

Hocus-Focus” To be wildly enthusiastic, or deadly serious–both are you.  The world will make you feel wrong to exist this way.  Nonsense!   Hocus Focus is your secret! ” – Karma


NotThatKindofGirl, life cannot been seen, touched or even felt without the balance of enthusiasm & seriousness in your life.  This is how you begin recovery on your own!  Both are essential elements for your #self, who is suffering silently underneath your skin.

The way of the warrior is a difficult one!  For most of us, we walked this world alone before we even knew help was as easy as figuring out what you need and asking for it from the right person!  But, we are adults now and excuses are for little girls!

Hocus Focus : Verse 36 Tao Te Ching

unnamedThis is a verse that you must read, practice, learn & make an effort to act in accordance with if you want to experience the magic of “Hocus Focus” in your self. 

hocus-focus-kevin-caudill*Remember it takes 21 days to create a habit, so be patient with yourself!

The world will always warn you of the dangers, traps and gutters.  Your challenge is becoming comfortable with being center stage.  A sense of humor will make all of life’s loads easier to bear.  A sense of humor will offer us a connection between enthusiasm and seriousness–a balance that has been missing from your life, your heart and your self for far too long!


” Today I am courageous in the face of those who tell me that I am not right!  They’re right, I’m not OK!  But, learning and practicing ‘Hocus Focus’ will allow me to feel centered in the midst of all this chaos!  I can work with myself this week to move ahead another step! “

Rx: Be a Moon Shouter!


Color of the Day: Red

Incense of the Day: Cinnamon

The moon is full today at 3:42 am (EST), and we’ll also see a total lunar eclipse, visible from Australia, the Americas (including Alaska), the Pacific Islands, and westernmost Africa.  At totality, the moon will appear smoky red, a gorgeous subterfuge caused when the limited sunlight passes through the edges of Earth’s atmosphere and “scatters”, leaving the longest–reddest–wavelengths intact and giving the eclipsed moon its classic rosy color.

17P Holmes

As you watch the eclipse, reflect on what this spectacle must have looked like to ancient peoples, who watched the moon turn bloody red and surely imagined disaster imminent.  Many of them imagined the moon was being swallowed by a demon or a mythical animal, and they would shout at the moon, cursing it and throwing objects to drive away the invader.  Join this ancient tradition as you watch the eclipse.  Light a fire or, if that’s not possible, a candle or lantern.  Dance around flames, becoming rowdier as you proceed.  Shout at the moon, throwing small pieces of dirt, seed heads, pine cones, or other “soft” objects toward the eclipsed satellite, demanding the demons and monsters depart.  Shout again, calling back the moon’s bright silver face.  As the eclipse fades, yell and sing with joy and rejoice in the moon’s safe return, feeling the connection you’ve forged with the ancients.  Finish with cakes and ale.

Llewellyn’s Witches’ Almanac 2014, Susan Pesznecker

lunar-eclipse-2012Compassion & Blessings,

Karma #WitchDoctor for the NotThatKindofGirl