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Rx: A Prayer of Thanks

Color of the Day: Rose
Incense of the Day: Cypress


On this day, the celebration of the first harvest, we need to remember to be thankful for all we have. Many of us have a bad habit of taking the abundance in our lives for granted.

During the harvest season, from Lammas to Samhain, think of at least one thing you are thankful for each day. As you come up with each item, say:

Great Goddess and Great Father,
Today I remember to be grateful
For the abundance in my life and
To not take it for granted.
Today I am thankful for (name whatever it is).
I thank you for bringing this into my life
And cherish the fact that I have all that I do.

Thank you, Lord and Lady, for your bountiful gifts,
Now and throughout the entire year.

Kerri Connor


Rx: Success is an Enterprise

Color of the Day: White
Incense of the Day: Carnation

Today is the birthday of the J.K. Rowling character of great fame, Harry Potter. With a bit of pop-culture magic, here is a way to work with the egregore and spirit of Harry Potter to summon success in our endeavours and enterprises!

Chant the following to seal the spell:

Harry Potter, born on this day,
Powerful wizard, I call you here,
Lend me success and open my way,
And any blocks, with your wand clear!

Llewellyn’s Witches’ Almanac 2014, Gede Parma


Rx: Religious Freedom

Color the Day: Brown
Incense of the Day: Honeysuckle

On this day in 1956, President Eisenhower made “In God we trust” the official motto of the United States.

This is a spell for religious freedom, to help people everywhere be free to worship the god(s) of their choice (including none), in the manner of their choice.

Set up your altar with a range of symbols for religions: pentacle, Druid sigil, Christian cross, Star of David, Islamic Star and crescent, etc.

Smudge the altar with sage. Pick up each symbol to make sure it’s thoroughly smudged. While doing this, chant the word freedom, focusing intently on the concept.

When ready to release the spell, toss confetti over the altar, shouting:

We are free! So mote it be!

Send donations to charities of your choice that work for human rights in the U.S. or abroad, enclosing a bit of the confetti in each envelope.

Llewellyn’s Witches’ Almanac 2014, Deborah Lipp



Rx: A Tiger’s-Eye View of Passion

Color of the Day: Gray
Incense of the Day: Ylang-Ylang

Today is International Tiger Day. This day is dedicated to raising awareness for tiger conversation. In many cultures the tiger symbolizes passion. Today, consider the importance of helping to save this magnificent animal, and call upon the energy of the tiger to regain focus of and renew the spark for your passions in life.

Find a tiger’s-eye stone and hold it to your third eye chakra. Concentrate on your passions in life, whether they be art, music, teaching, cooking, parenting, etc. As you beam the information about your passions into the stone, also draw in the vibrant, motivating energy of the tiger’s-eye.

When finished, either carry the stone on your person or keep it on your altar as an energetic reminder to live your life with enthusiasm and to fulfill your passions.

Lewellyn’s Witches’ Almanac 2014, Blake Octavian Blair



Rx: Declaration of Independence

Color of the Day: Lavender
Incense of the Day: Lily

Commemorate the Peruvian declaration of independence from Spanish conquistadors. This spell helps you list what you wish to have independence from–bad habits, toxic relationships, stress or debt–and plan a path toward freedom.

Independence doesn’t happen overnight. Like the Peruvians, you’ll have to plan, stretegize, organize, and fight for your rights. First make your list. Then choose and write it on a separate paper. For example: Eliminate credit card debt. Write the steps toward freedom: Curtail credit purchases. Use tax return to pay off Visa. Use birthday money to pay down Mastercard. Attach dates to each step, and identify a final for independence. Clear debts by June. Fold plan in half, and state: I declare my independence. Fold it in half again. Self determination is my right.

Place your independence plan on your altar and revisit it as needed until you are free. Do this for each of your wishes.

Llewellyn’s Witches’ Almanac 2014, Dallas Jennifer Cobb